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WNBF New Zealand was formed in 2019 as an affiliate to The World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.


We provide a platform for drug-free bodybuilders & athletes to compete in NZ & internationally.

WNBF provide stringent drug testing with urinalysis and polygraphs completed at all shows.

We provide a path to compete at the WNBF World Championships in the United States and an opportunity to earn WNBF Professional status.


World Natural Bodybuilding Federation of New Zealand




Simon Collins is our President and Founder. Born and raised in New Zealand. He is a lifetime natural bodybuilder who began his bodybuilding journey in 2014 and has competed in numerous shows with several federations over the last 7 years. He is an Ireland National Natural Champion and finished 3rd at the WNBF World Championships in 2018. His mission is to bring the most prestigious stringently tested natural bodybuilding federation to NZ and give young natural bodybuilders the platform to compete with the best. Simon believes drug-free bodybuilding is the most long term, health focused form of bodybuilding and competitors need to have equal opportunities. This is where stringent testing criteria is required. He believes this is where the WNBF excels more than any other federation in the world.




Stephanie is our Vice-President and Co-Founder. She moved to New Zealand from Ireland in 2019 and is Irelands first  WNBF Pro. She won her pro card in two classes, Figure, and Fit-Body, at the 2017 amateur World Championships. In 2018 in her first professional world championships, she finished an impressive 3rd place in Pro Fit-Body. Natural bodybuilding and embracing it as a lifestyle is one of the best things to happen to her. It has been her dream to compete with the WNBF and she wants to share her passion with competitors by giving them a platform to compete in NZ.



International Affiliates


The WNBF is the fastest growing Truly Natural bodybuilding and physique organization in the World!  Join our Team of United Affiliates and bring the WNBF to your country!
International Competition Rules
International athletes are welcome to compete with the INBF (Amateur Affiliate of the WNBF in the United States), or in an affiliate country as long as there is not a WNBF affiliated federation in their country.  If a WNBF affiliate has been established in your country you must purchase that organizations membership card and compete within your country.

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